Kick, Bang! watsegoed?

like many classic machines of old, we want to kick (start) old school concepts and new ideas. ​

bang! pasop - this has the potential to explode.


omnific. om·nific

- creating all things

- capable of making or doing anything; all-creating...


because the only way to get a authentic travel experience is to link up with locals to see what makes them tick.

we want to help facilitate and build platforms for small brands and humans with crazy vision(s) - to make shit good and good shit happen!

'cause we should know where our food comes from and eat seasonally.


- Activities, Workshops and Experiences with interesting locals

- curated events from conceptualising to execution

- an inspirational creative workspace; for ourselves, unskilled but inspired youths, and artists in residency

- sustainable community food gardens

- reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose

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