- noun; a feeling of reverential respect.

- verb; inspire with awe.

- noun; (pronounced Ah-Weh) is the most used slang word across all races in South Africa - thanks to it's versatility. It's generally used as a greeting, but can also be used as an exclamation of agreement or excitement.


- acronym; Activities, Workshops, Experiences.

With AWE we want to offer visitors to the Swartland opportunities to get the most out of their time in our world renowned wine region - by experiencing everything else it has to offer. 

We curate packages according to your unique interest and curiosities.

*Feeling active - we have access to some beautiful places to hike, climb rocks, swim and have a scenic picnic.

*Like food - we know people who offer a variety of workshops from authentic Indian food to baking classes; we can like to braai anywhere, pick fresh things with a permaculture gardener or even harvest oysters on the West Coast.

*Like drinking - you're in the right place. Our friends make wine, aperitif, agave spirits, gin, beer and MCC. These can be presented as straight up tastings or more interactive workshops. Transport can be arranged (and is recommended).

*Feeling creative - how about painting with natural pigments and wine; making ceramics or turning Fynbos into flower crowns and tinctures?

*Into wellness - we've got yoga classes, sweat lodges, raw juices and medicinal teas up our sleeve.

For a tailor made A, W and/or E contact us via kick.bang.omnific@gmail.com to get started!