a new online home

I've been privileged to work with the Badenhorst Family (Wines) for a whole decade now! I am “the cousin who does the marketing and web stuff” - as Adi would introduced me in the early days. My stars aligned when I decided to quit my agency job just as my cousin’s husband’s new wine brand (and an idea for a Revolutionary event they were hatching with ‘some other Swartland winemakers’...) developed the need for “social media” and someone “web savvy”.

Ten years later and I have had the joy of watching Adi and Cornelia's business, kids and property evolve and blossom every day. I've lived on the farm, I've been venue manager and barlady, I've farm-sat over December holidays and that one Easter then Koos James IV got tick bite fever on the holiest Sunday of the year. Early in 2018 Adi's brother Charl and his wife Semma joined the team on the farm taking on the fast growing events, accommodation and kitchen portfolios and since then the farm experience has just gotten better and better.

So our lockdown mission this winter was to give the farm as a venue, accommodation getaway and location it's own online home. The venue could no longer hide in the shadows of the wine - so I built this website to showcase all the wonderful things we get up to.

oh and wrote this piece (some of my finest work if I must say so myself) to launch the site via the Swartland Wine and Olive Route's blog.

So when next we can gather in joyful celebration again and if you ever need a venue for anything from an informal lunch to a multi day music festival - you know where to go.