AWE, howsit?

Last weekend we hosted a "draft" promotional edition of some of the Activities, Workshops and Experiences we are planning to host and curate very soon. We crammed a whole lot of stuff into a sunny Saturday on the Riebeek Mountain in order to test drive ideas, play concepts and photograph everything!

Our professional pictures and complete packages coming soon but to give you an idea:

We went hiking on the mountain to explore the Fynbos, geology and history of the mountain,

afterwards we engaged guests (who were also our models) in a few workshops and activities:

Nicole educated us in spicing and folding samosas;

Ilse showed us her collection of natural pigments and paints, and allowed us to get creative with them;

Pauline facilitated making flower crowns; Louw tested our aim and balance

which got tricker with every local gin, Caperitif and tonic we tasted.

and we all sat down to drink wine and eat curry (with our hands nogal) for lunch, followed by a beautiful dessert which Maryke had put together right there.

A successful pilot episode with lots of lessons and even more inspiration for the future of #AWEswartland. All of these and more coming soon, watch this space!