Convivium v3

Convivium is easily one of her favourite events - which is why she, and everyone else involved - volunteers her time, every time.

Photos by @cdheierliphotography

The event is held on Kalmoesfontein (the home of AA Badenhorst Family Wines for which she is also "The cousin who does the marketing and 'web stuff'" - official title). This year we took guests all over the property (in the blazing summer sun) to experience different menus and talks by top local and international chefs, mixologists and more.

It's a "help where you can" jol but she makes and writes all the signage and lead a group of guests from one pitstop to the next this year.

For beautiful images and more details check out - 2019's event will be on 8/9 June and you do not want to miss it so keep an eye on Convivium's instagram!