Go go whoa...

2020 was off to a sprint quickly after our mini-break as he headed into his annual 'gym with a view' as a cellar hand during the hot, fast paced grape harvest on Kalmoesfontein and she got stuck planning and prepping for projects to come.

Oh and in between we juggled decor and bars at the second annual Bradstock mini festival on the farm.

Our workshop was set to host two build crews preparing and pre-fabricating for this year's Afrikaburn. First up was The DPW Retirement Club's piece The Hammer Falls - as veteran (and now retired ie too old) members of Tankwa Town's Department of Public works we were tasked with designing, building and burning something in tribute of the land on which the African Burning Man Regional event has been held since 2007. The Afrikaburn organisation have been given a piece of Karoo on which to host future events, so this was to be a farewell piece dedicated to crews past and present, for laying the foundations, building the town and making disappear every year.

Once that project was packed up and ready to ship out we were to host another crew - this time mostly virgins to the local burn. Conceptualised (in amazing detail) and headed by our talented American friend Jade Seven - Space Grandma's Teahouse was going to be very unique and would bring together a whole bunch of people from all over the world.

But then, just as we were boxing up The Hammer the reality of the fast spreading Covid-19 pandemic hit home and Afrikaburn 2020 was cancelled. Jade - who was already en-route to South Africa - had to turn around and head back home while the rest of the crew would have to wait another year before setting foot in Africa.

Since then our world has changed quite a bit - being people who for the most part work in the event service industry is tough when any gathering of more than 100 people is prohibited and we have had to change a lot about what we do and what we had planned - but more on that in the next post...