growing up

Last year this time the backyard at Swartland Street Market in Malmesbury was still a building site. Ray did a lot of work to build beds, enrich the soil, group plants with companions with whom they can have a mutually beneficial relationship and establishing natural pest repellants.

Now in it's first, (finally) wet winter, the garden is really coming into its own. It hasn't rained this much in the Swartland in years and the microcosm in the soil is just as thankful as us.

By making Biodiversity and Permaculture the key methods in our gardens, we get to enjoy multifaceted displays of colours, patterns and beneficial insects.

No single garden is without pests, but planting certain plant guilds together helps. We have noticed the Snail&Slug army is fast approaching so we might get a few Duck commanders to resist the enemy once it gets warmer.