one baby shower many themes

My event organiser hat has been gathering dust since February - so when the opportunity came to put together a baby shower for my friend Anna-bet I dived in at the deep end.

The initial plan (orchestrated with new friend Jackie) was a drive-through style, safe-distancing event for which I had planned to build a mighty multi level Viking throne for the mother to be and offer fresh, healthy, hand made food packaged like greasy take-aways. I wanted waitresses on rollerblades taking orders, slush puppy machines in the driveway and flower wreaths on animal skulls... but then that plan got washed away with the late August rains...

By the time we got the dark cloud weather report I had already had a very fun flower and pigment paint party with Alex, the 5 year old soon-to-be big sister. We had wrapping paper and brown paper bags ready and no one was going to take another theme from me... not this year.

So in the end we had a (scaled down) Viking-throned picnic-in-the-park and we served beautifully packaged take aways.

The food, by my friend Rossouw (Miche Deli in Malmesbury) was fantastic and he really elevated my healthy fast food vision. And I thought I was very clever with my menu names:

The Mamma Meal (chicken slider with crispy cheesy bread sticks pretending to be french fries and a Pasteis de Nata for dessert);

The Lucky PAcket (as above but with beef panini instead of chicken burger)

and the Happy Ousus Meal with popcorn, fruit sticks and rocky road clusters as the kiddies menu.

It was lekker to load my car full of flowers, props and toolboxes again and all and all the sunny Sunday was a hit.