revamped and restored

One very cold weekend in June we headed into the Tankwa Karoo to rescue a caravan from a place where caravans go to die... Our friends, known collectively as Trabi, are immigrating to the UK soon (asap... given the current global circumstances) and wanted to fetch their little Bluebelle from the Afrikaburn storage site. The idea was for us to give it a proper facelift and restore it to it's former 70s glory.

For the next few weeks we ripped her apart and rebuilt almost all of the interior furnishings. Bye bye bed, seats and kitchen cupboards made of flimsy trailer trash. While we measured, cut and rebuilt the intestines, Salt River Customz resprayed the exterior.


During (building benches, cupboards and drawers, fucking drawers... and replacing the floor)

After (many coats of paints and little details)

Now we're just waiting for the cold winter to make way for springtime and camping weather... then we'll test her out with vintage tent and all.

Total cost of restoration - all parts, consumables, labour and transport: R35 000