skop x for afrikaburn'19

Updated: May 1, 2021

Having resigned (read: retired) from our jobs with Afrikaburn's Department of Public Works after the 2018 event gave us the opportunity to volunteer on an art project close to our hearts in 2019.

SKOP (Sutherland Kuns en Ontwikkelings Program / Sutherland Art and Development Programme) is run by our talented friend Nathan Honey in the small Karoo town of Sutherland (population 2013).

Every year Nathan trains a group of locals to use tools and other skills in order to create and build a big artwork for the burn. This year these guys and girls got involved from the conceptual phase and we came along in April to help build for two weeks. We were also tasked with lighting the completed project.

Here are some pics (some by us, others by event participants - jammer I didn't get your name when I saved them) from the complete artwork at the event this year.

And a few from the very beginning in Sutherland.

This project is made possible by an Afrikaburn Art Grant and support from the Department of Arts and Culture amongst other contributors.. We hope to help generate more work for this group in order to sustain their income throughout the year. If you know of anything that might be a viable project - please get in touch.