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With the launch of the Design Science Studio's first cohort of projects and the big reveal of regen•era live in the world, I now share some more about my work on Fanplastiek.

As mentioned in a previous post, my art isn't exactly a pretty picture - in fact, it is a rather complex and possibly confusing picture. As an overthinker, I've always relied on spider diagrams to try and make sense of my world - and this project was no different.

Being introduced to Miro through the DSS was a game changer. An online whiteboard where I can draw, upload scribbles, post videos and articles, link anything (read: everything) and zoom in (or out) as much as I like... Miro is my spirit app;)

So ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my brain at 1% zoom. A mind map of mind maps, a complex system of non-linear thinking and step-by-step choose-your-own-adventure community models.

During the launch week I had offered a door into this world to anyone interested to explore at leisure. But Ray thinks I need to be a bit more selective with my sharing; that I need to protect my intellectual property; in case my way of thinking might be exploited...

I am still not sure of how I feel about that, but for now I have taken down the links to the Miro board from everywhere I had posted it. Too often in the past have I been disappointed or betrayed when trusting too much, when I wanted to believe that everyone has pure intentions.

Unfortunately that is not the case, and in a way Ray is correct - as much as I want to make this model, the frameworks, plans and the opportunities that come with it available to the entire "3rd world" I also need to value the time and effort that I have put in and remember that, going forward, this is how I want to make a living. I need to nurture this baby until it can walk and think for itself before I expose it to the creepy uncle down the street...

The board goes deep, as you'll see, below I have zoomed in 18% on one of the black circles (or rabbit holes as I like to call them) to reveal class notes and scribbles, links and charts...

If you are interested to find out more though, there are two options for watching short videos where I do a walk through of the thinking, philosophy and some of the steps. You are welcome (no, encouraged, no, asked very nicely) to watch them and send me any questions or feedback.

This one is an introduction to the project as part of a longer preview during the launch, it is about 5 minutes long and jumps around the Miro mind map while I speak my truth.


this is a 15 minute presentation, for the Living Systems Collaboratory - the story from beginning to present, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A with DSS director Roxi Shohadaee.

Note: There is a slight technical glitch as my "vintage" mac struggled to keep up with video sharing AND the live stream and I tried to keep my cool while freaking out about the flow (cringe, sigh).

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