a venue with endless possibilities... 

unique events


crazy, cool, who-would-have-thought-it, one of a kind (and lets do it again if it worked) small events that we or you come up with. 

with our background and experience in event logistics and planning, styling, lighting and sound we can provide an all round service as well as the venue for your next happening. 

we don't even mind hosting small, non-traditional weddings and we love coming up with fresh ideas to celebrate age old customs.

we have the space, the skills, decor, contacts, crew and the will to make it happen - so contact us for a quote or a chat to see how we can help.

Camp / stay over

a pretty spot to camp, a room to rent, a studio to work in... we have it all. 

- AirBnB a room

- apply for an artist-in-residency programme

- come camp on our grounds

- need studio space

- want to sell things in our shop or 

- use us as a showroom for your products

anything is possible - contact us to discuss your ideas and plans. 

[your idea here]

we really are open to anything. in fact, we'd love for you to come up with something we haven't even thought to host in our space. 

anything! from workshops, meetings you just don't want to have in your office, small gigs or festivals, photoshoots or productions, fundraisers or more. 

please do not hesitate to contact us, let's see what comes out of our collective minds.