she's worked on event set up crews on four continents,


& cruised down the Rio Ebro on Junk Rafts, in the name of conservation 

spent five seasons herding a crew of cats

building and breaking down a town,

in the middle of nowhere  

she's styled models, lifestyle shoots &

building sites

a list-maker, one of them OCD types,

who once counted every single

ticket for a "gathering" in California

she put a whole wine region on the

(world wide) map and continues to do 

the "web stuff" for the family brand.

she's the whip.

Ray (of Sunshine)

he's managed a site, op-n-koppie and a crew called HEaT

worked as an apprentice antique dealer & orange river guide

fixed Land Rovers with Beetle parts  

drove, operated and rigged an 8ton

crane truck - setting up infrastructure

& art - and burning it back down

a jack of all sorts of cool trades

who's into growing food.

has installed carnival float lights,

worked as a wine cellar hand

during harvest & roasted coffee 

the style critic, the one with the eye

your go-to guy!.

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