versatile workspace

since we've invaded this 5x10m former school bus shelter in late October of 2019 we've slowly been setting up work stations, building storage and tried to find the balance between pretty and functional. 

as of june 2020 we have carpentry equipment, a metal work station (including an anvil, thanks charl!) and a treasure chest of hoarded things to "one day make something with". he has electrical gadgets (and every piece of electronic waste anyone close to us has tried to throw out in the last two years) and mechanical tools, she has dried flowers, art supplies and kilometers of pretty rainbow coloured ribbon.

we mostly use the workshop to work on vintage motorbikes (and our 1968 Land Rover), to create decor and prepare for events, to try our hand at new crafts and to prefab artworks destined to burn in the dust. 

and you, oh, you could join us here to create your own kind of magic. whatever it is you wish to make or create. we are always keen to plot new projects - so get in touch to make it happen.

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